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Anjna Patient Education

California, United States

The Mission

Anjna graduated from the One World Program and is now a 501(c)3 non profit organization.

Anjna Patient Education is empowering children and adults in the United States to live healthy lifestyles through the development of innovative technology.  It is the first organization of its kind to specifically target underserved populations in free clinics and provide them with quality health education.  Anjna’s interactive health modules are placed in free clinics across the US and are designed to utilize the time free clinic patients spend waiting for a physician (which can range from two to four hours).

Anjna Patient Education wants to start educating patients at a young age before the onset of preventable disease and working with children is central to its mission to break the inter-generational cycle of chronic disease.  The medium of interactive games helps impart medical information in a friendly and unimposing manner, while the touch screen interface is particularly appealing to child patients in pediatric and family clinics.

Through working with free clinics in the Bay Area, Anjna Patient Education is already reaching 7,000 children and young people.  The funds raised through One World will help Anjna expand its program across the US and reach more underserved children and their families.  Ultimately, Anjna would like to empower patients of all ages across America to bring health information from the clinic home to their families and create sustainable healthy lifestyles across generations.

The People

Champion: Vineet Singal and Brian Driscoll, California

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